Council Meeting Dates

 Council meetings are held at the Preston Community Hall commencing at 7.00pm unless otherwise stated on the 2nd Monday each month , there is however no meeting in August .


2020 dates 

January 13th , February 10th., March 9th, April 6th (CANCELLED DUE TO COVID 19 VIRUS), May 11th, June 8th, July 13th,  September 14th, October  12th, November 9th and December 14th.


Covid 19 virus has forced us to cancel our meeting due to take place on the 6th April , we are then due to hold our next meeting on the 11th May . Due to the current situation we are unable at this time to say whether this meeting will be able to go ahead. Several of our members will be in the Isolation bracket for the 12 weeks and therefore we know they cannot attend and we will still need to be quorate to be able to make decisions if that meeting goes ahead. Currently the Council has devolved powers to the Clerk who will be making decisions along with the support of the Chair. Decisions which we can defer we will do but bills will still need paying along with salaries, any planning that comes in which we think will be minimal will be discussed via telephone/email with Councillors before any comments are added. We hope to be back to normal as soon as possible and ask that you all stay safe and look after each other.